Heart of Mary Parish Catechetical Program

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish welcomes you to our catechetical program designed to aid you in your responsibility and privilege to teach the Faith to your child.  As you know the church has always said that the parents are the first teachers of the Faith. To that end, the parish establishes programs of religious instruction to support you and to become a partner with you to tell the Good News of Jesus Christ to your child and all who come to this place of worship.

I strongly believe that you and your family find it most suitable to worship and grow in every way including spiritually, mentally and physically here at Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish. By doing our part, to aid in the spiritual education of children, we hope that they might receive from us a foundation in Faith that will support them for their entire life.

This handbook is a tool that lays out expectations, responsibilities and roles thus allowing for clear communication. This booklet is designed to address general information, requirements and policies for the parish of Most Pure Heart of Mary. As a family enrolled in this parish’s program our expectations is that you will adhere to policies as presented in this handbook. You can expect that this handbook will be edited annually and that any changes made in the course of a school year will be given to you in writing.

We thank you for your support and cooperation, and look forward to our partnership with you each year.  It is in working together that we are the Body of Christ and carry out his mission of building the kingdom of God here on earth.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Kenneth C. Ugwu, SSJ, Pastor

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