Daily Readings

Monday  1 Pt.5:5b-14 and Mt.16:15-20

Tuesday Acts.14:19-28 and Jn.14:27-31a

Wednesday Acts.15:1-6and Jn.15:1-8

Thursday Acts.15:7-21 and Jn.15:9-11

Friday Acts.15:22-31 and Jn.15:12-17

Gospel for All Ages

5th Sunday of Easter, April 24, 2016

Sunday Readings: Acts 14.21-27; Revelation 21.1-5; John 13.31-35

Question from Life: In what ways can people tell you are a Christian?

Question from Life: In what ways can people tell you are a Christian?

Question from the Gospel: How does the community of faith to which you belong live out Jesus’ example and commandment?

Questions by Age Level


Life Question: Among people you know, whose wholehearted self-giving inspires you?

Gospel Question: What are the ways Jesus shows love that you try to imitate?


Life Question: Who influence you in a positive way?

Gospel Question: How able are others to see that you are Jesus’ disciple?

Younger Teens:

Life Question: What are qualities you look for in a friend?

Gospel Question: What community or group do you know that tries to live Jesus’ commandment to love one another?

Grades 4-6:

Life Question: What makes a quality friend?

Gospel Question: What will the world be like if we follow Jesus’ one commandment – to love one another?

Grades 2-3:

Life Question: What are ways you show love to your family and classmates?

Gospel Question: How can people tell who follows Jesus?

Grades K-1:

Life Question: What actions show you love those in your family, in your class?

Gospel Question: What does Jesus teach us about love?


Life Question: How do you show love for those in your family and for creation?

Gospel Question: How does Jesus shoe love for others?